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Yoga Vida opened its doors in 1999 and was the first hot studio in Austin.  We continue our tradition of innovation by offering classes seven days a week that allow students at all levels to realize new dimensions of their practice.

We offer 60-minute and 75-minute heated power vinyasa flow classes led by caring, experienced teachers.  Read the biographical information on the  Teachers page and you'll see we have carefully cultivated our pool of instructors based on the unique contributions of  life experience, training, and commitment to the Yoga Vida community each teacher  brings to your class . We heat the room to approximately 95 degrees to facilitate flexibility and detoxification.

Our intention is to lead classes that are physically challenging, as well as calming and renewing. Through our work in breathing, sweating and moving through asanas (poses), we peel back layers to find a place where we can relax and renew. “Vinyasa” is a Sanskrit word meaning breath-synchronized movement; breath and movement are seamlessly united in such a way that one action encourages the other.

We call our classes “flow” because of the flowing connection between the breath and the body, between one posture and the next, and between one series of postures and the next.  We invite you to experience the yoga we offer for people of all ages and fitness levels to heal, detoxify and develop the fitness of your body,  mind and spirit.

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