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Andrea Flinn
Andrea Flinn

Andrea began teaching yoga in 2013 and dove deep into the fountain of “all things learning.” This journey led to many new studies such as Buddhism, Reiki, and Sound Healing.  After ending a year long study with Genecha, her Buddhist teacher, she became a Reiki Master.  Yoga dances completely with the spiritual and healing world.  Andrea’s former yoga education was Baptiste- inspired, however, the studies of Yin and Nidra combined with sound healing are where you will find her mostly.  For fun you will find Andrea in a park or on a trail with her beloved boxers.  Andrea has been with boxer rescue for 12 years and plans to foster 100 boxers before she leaves this realm. “Together with animals I think you can heal anything, your body, your mind, and your heart.”

Meet you on your mat!

Many blessings

Dean Mahan
Dean Mahan

As studio owner, I am honored and blessed to offer Yoga Vida to Austin, and to act as a guide and teacher for your personal journey.  I was born June 1, 1956.  My yoga birthday is November 2, 1999.  That’s the day I first practiced yoga by taking a class at Yoga Vida taught by Jennifer Lasher Breen.

By Grace, I have practiced everyday consecutively since January 2, 2006.  
My philosophy is that the best way to teach is to show up on my mat and practice.  As my teacher Baron Baptiste offers:  “Preach all the time, sometimes even with words.”  Before my career in yoga, I used my Masters Degree in Education from the University of Florida to teach children in rural Florida.

My life experience includes 13 years serving on the Ethics Boards of local Austin hospitals.  Additionally, I owned an Austin travel agency for 20 years which afforded me the opportunity to travel the world.  My life’s journeys continue in my personal practice and offerings.  I hope to empower your life force.

Come practice.  Namaste.

Deralyn Matejka
Deralyn Matejka

Deralyn began practicing yoga in 2005 for the physical benefits. Little did she know that a whole new world was about to open up.  "Yoga is magical in a way I can't explain and I feel so blessed that it found me. It is such a gift, as is being a part of the Yoga Vida community."

Deralyn teaches a powerful, heartfelt, Baptiste influenced flow. She encourages her students to feel what they need in each moment, cultivating an inner listening and authenticity that serves on the mat and into the world.  "It is such an honor to share this amazing practice with others. I feel very blessed each time I step through the doors of this very special studio. I hope to see you on the mat very soon!"

Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth has a unique style of teaching incorporating vinyasa, breath work, visualization, and energetics into her class. She been teaching yoga since 2009.   In addition to yoga, Elizabeth has also extensively studied energy healing, spirituality, tantra, and meditation.  She offers energetic healing work, life and sex coaching.

Elizabeth believes that teaching and coaching is her life purpose.  She understands the empowerment that you receive from the practice of self inquiry, self development, and movement.

She is a true light to be around and work with as she holds space for you to be your authentic self.Elizabeth uses the flow as a moving mediation and embodiment of the divine that resides in us all. She teaches yoga exclusively at Yoga Vida in Austin, Texas.


Leya Simmons Samiloglu
Leya Simmons Samiloglu

Leya is a 500 hour RYT who has been practicing yoga since 2002 in a variety of different traditions: Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow. Her physical practice led to philosophical and spiritual inquiry and that has led her to teaching yoga. As a Vinyasa Flow practitioner and teacher, Leya is interested in and plays with transitions and transformations. This is a perfect metaphor for the soulful and inquisitive nature of yogic philosophy that infuses her sequences and classes.

Leya is a mother and partner first and foremost and her kids and husband are her greatest teachers. Throughout her professional career, Leya has been a passionate and tireless advocate for artists, arts organizations and progressive, social causes. Today, Leya is President of Community Yoga Austin, allowing her the opportunity to flex her intellectual and activist muscles on behalf of the yoga community. As a teacher in the CoYA recovery program, Leya is trained in mindfulness­-based, trauma-­informed yoga and meditation teaching, which now serves and informs all of her classes. 

Nicki Keane
Nicki Keane

I started practicing yoga after my orthopedic surgeon told me that running, basketball and cross fit would drastically shorten the life of my left knee. I found YogaVida in December 2009 and have been practicing there ever since. I loved it so much that it inspired me to become a teacher. With a kinesiology background specializing in biomechanics from the University of Texas, it was kismet to train under Baron Baptiste.

I always strive to deliver a challenging class that will increase your skill level, fitness and overall wellbeing, all while avoiding repetitive instruction from class to class.

I welcome student feedback and offer modified and amplified power vinyasa sequences within each class. I aim to encourage and empower students with my passionate approach. I have a deep love for music and enjoy playing uplifting set lists from all genres during instruction. I invite you to join me on the mat!

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